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About me

I have always been fascinated by photography. After finishing high school,
my plan was to study photography at the Dutch “Fotovakschool”. Instead, I studied
electronics and worked as a software engineer for many years. But photography
always played a role in the background. In 2008, I decided to live this dream and
started the study at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam. I finished this study in July

A high level of detail and well-balanced composition distinguishes my photography.
Sources of inspiration are Edward Burtynsky, Andreas Gursky, Mitch Epstein, Hans
Aarsman and Gregory Crewdson

Publications, exhibitions and awards:

2018Exhibition Persingen
2017ND Awardshonorable mention
2017Chromatic Awardshonorable mention
2017Lens Culture portrait awardslfeatured choice
2017Exhibition "Kijken en zien"
2017De Nijmeegse Kunst kalender
2016Bosch Open Expo
2016Monochrome Awardshonorable mention
2015Art Arnhem
2015Exhibition "Mannen van Beton"
2013Naturae Project
2013New Dutch talent 2013
2012NXP nijmegen
2012Fotovakschool Amsterdam

Other Links

My work is sold through Blooz Gallery As a sidekick I make Street Photos As another sidekick I make Rock Photos
W H A T I S D U T C H P O W E R Mannen van Beton